Nail Tech

There has been an advance in nail art equipment and tech to ease the use of applying nail varnish and take creating nail designs to another level. Such equipment includes:

Nail Brushes - Seen to your right, these brushes help create decorative swirls and lines on your nails. Its a simple case of dipping the brush into the varnish and your ready to create nail art! We use these alot!

Nail Files - These are very common and essential for nail care, you can pick them up from your local shop or even within a christmas cracker but the variety thats available is extensive. One of the best varieties we have found is called a Crystal Glass nail file and its brilliant! They last alot longer than convential files and they can be cleaned with water.

Shatter Nail Polish - This is new and very exicting! We were first made aware of this when OPI released their first range of Shatter Nail Varnish and boy do we love it! Visit 'Nail Designs' to see our guide or watch the tutorial to your right ---->

- Nail Art Pens
- Stickers & Gems
- Stamps & Stencils
- Foils
- Electric Nail Buffers
- UV Lights
- Cuticle Pushers
- Lotions & Moisturisers
- Nail Strengthener
- Variety of Files
- Nail Art Canes
- Nail Glitter
- 3D Accessories
- Stencils

At the Nail Art Ideas HQ, we use some of this equipment on a daily basis and are always on the look out for new and exciting bits of tech! We know how important it is to get the right piece of tech for the right job, thats why we are going to start reviewing the latest tech on the market.

Watch this space for news and reviews!