Poppy Delight

Description - A touch of sparkle with a hint of flower.

Colours - Orangey/Pink varnish, Black & white nail pens, clear glitter pen.

Decorations - none

Requirements - none

Time Taken - 30 mins per hand (take your time with this one)


  1. Apply a base coat (french pink).
  2. Paint each nail in the orangey/pink varnish. Keep applying a coat until desired shade is achieved. Leave to dry.
  3. Now it gets tricky, take your time and refer to the images at all times or add your own twist and change the flower type/colour.
  4. With the nail pens, carefully draw the outline of flower/petal shapes onto one side of the nail like the image. Leave to dry.
  5. To the area outside of the flower, use your glitter pen and lightly colour/add glitter to that area. Leave to dry
  6. Finish with a top coat.