Pure Gold

Description - A classy white, black and gold lepard print on a subtle purple finish.

Colours - White, Purple and Black & Gold nail pens

Decorations - Gold tape

Requirements - Straight stencil stencils

Time Taken - 18 mins per hand


  1. Place a straight stencil at a slight angle to the tip of your nail.
  2. Paint the bottom of your nail in purple, leave to dry and remove stencil.
  3. Paint from the purple area to the tip of your nail in white. Leave to dry.
  4. Using your black nail pen, roughly paint several circles/dots, large & small to the white tip (see image). Leave to dry.
  5. With your gold nail pen, paint a dot of paint in the middle of each circle, in a random formation as image shows.
  6. Now cut a strip of gold nail tape the length of your nail and stick it along the join, where the white meets the purple polish.
  7. Finish with a top coat.