Rainbow Animal Print

Description - A bright and colourful animal print inspired design.

Colours - French Pink & White polish. Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green & Black nail pens.

Decorations - None

Requirements - Standard stencil stencils

Time Taken - 15 mins per hand


  1. Apply stencil near top of your nail. Paint the tip in white. Leave to dry and then remove stencil.
  2. Paint from the cuticle to the edge of the white tip in french pink. Leave to dry.
  3. Using your black nail pen, paint circle outlines accross the white tip and down the side of your nail.
  4. In the space around the circles, randomly paint black spots. Leave to dry.
  5. Using the other colours, yellow, pink, blue and green, randomly fill the circles with a chosen colour. Leave to dry.
  6. Finish with a top coat.